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Empire Riverside Hotel
Address: Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse 97, 20359
Hamburg, Germany

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The modern Empire Riverside Hotel welcomes you with a stunning view over the St. Pauli Piers, which are commonly known in Hamburg as “the Gate to the world”. The impressive building stands out like a lighthouse from Hamburg’s skyline. Take a short stroll and you can easily reach the famous Reeperbahn and many other popular tourist attractions, such as, the North River bank of the Elbe, the “Speicherstadt” (warehouse district) as well as the Hafen City. The highlight of every room is the panorama glazing in every room that offers you a captivating view over Hamburg and the Elbe. 

Public basement garage, the first hour is free of charge.

  • 1. hour: free of charge
  • 2. hour: EUR 4,00
  • 3. hour: EUR 6,00
  • 4. hour: EUR 8,00
  • 5. hour: EUR 10,00
  • 6. hour: EUR 12,00
  • 7. hour: EUR 14,00
  • from the 8. hour (and the whole day): EUR 20,00

Air travel
Hamburg Airport has 80 airlines operating flights direct to 115 national and international destinations. The Airport is located in the Northern part of the city, in the district of Fuhlsbüttel. You can find your flight connection on the Hamburg Airport website or use our flight search.

  -   Hansa-Taxi: +49 (0)40 – 211 211
  -   Taxiruf: +49 (0)40 – 44 10 11
  -   Taxi Hamburg: +49 (0)40 – 666 666

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HVV also provides comprehensive information for travellers arriving by air.

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