Harnessing Digital for Vessel Optimisation
- 2 May

14:00 - Opening Notes and Welcome from Seminar Chairman

14:30 - Opening keynote: Enhancing end-to-end vessel visibility to make calculated decisions
            around conserving fuel, lowering emissions and reducing cost

             •    How to improve visibility of voyage, hull / propeller, engine and systems
             •    Strategies to make informed decisions about vessel performance deviation causes
                   and when intervention is required
             •    Ensuring technological scalability to accommodate different fleet sizes
             •    Achieving full environmental reporting

15:00 - Panel discussion: How to apply Big Data to enhance vessel performance
             •    Advances in Big Data technology and applications across the shipping industry
             •    Maximising available data to carry out ship performance reporting, assessment,
                  condition optimisation, and route enhancement
             •    Calculating cost-savings through data
             •    Striking KPI comparisons across the entire fleet and translating it into performance

15:45 - Tea/Coffee Break

16:10 - Best practice approaches to calculating vessel on time performance
             •    An overview of technologies to calculate on time performance
             •    The importance of declaring vessel on time performance ratios
             •    Strategic advantages – reliability and client confidence
             •    Analysing real time data through web-based monitoring systems

16:40 - Panel discussion: Achieving ship operation optimisation through energy efficiency and
            environmental performance

             •    Performance management platforms to increase end-to-end visibility and facilitate
                  decision making for ship management, ship owner and ship operator companies
             •    Ensuring continued improvements to technical and operational functions
             •    Linking on-board sensors to online analytics

17:25 - Chairman's closing remarks

17:30 - End of seminar